• Address: 197/8 , Rafiqui Shaheed Road, Pakistan
  • Tel: 92-21-35675577


    Future Plans

    As this training provides general skills of independence, self reliance, a sheltered workshop for teaching different vocational skills with which they can help support the family and become earning members of the family is needed urgently. Construction of this unit to be built at an estimated cost of Rs. 6.4 million

  • 8 classrooms are being completed on the 1st floor with the help of individual donors, INFAQ Foundation and Engro Pak Terminal Ltd.

  • Start a community based services programs and to provide facilities to train child care workers and parents for early detection, stimulation and treatment.

  • To provide services for comprehensive psychological evaluation and guidance to children and their parents.

  • To raise awareness about developmental delays and educate public and professionals regarding identification and care of children with special needs.