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Event  in Januuary, 2016

ACELP’S head Zainab Meher Hasan wished to celebrate a Milad in our school. So Miss Qamar Zehra organized the Milad with the help of staff on 14th January 2016.
Some Children and some the staff members of ACELP participated in this event. The Milad duration was for 1 an hour. During Milad the Durood Pak (S.A.) were recited. During the Milad people got smelly flowers and boxes of sweets.
The Milad was held in gymnasium. The gymnasium was decorated with colorful flowers, buntings, banners, and lightning.
Those Children who participated in the Milad were:- M. Afaq, Saddam hussain, Murtaza, Tayyeb, Rukhsar Karim, Tayyeba Khalid, Umm-e- Hani Imran, Umar Sardar, Ali Shabbar, Shahbaz, Ali Hasan Fiza Hanif, and Aqsa Kamran.
Those staff members also recited in the Milad were:- Miss Qamar, Miss Mehreen, Miss Zebish, Miss Muzna, Miss Nabila, Mr. Sajid and Farzana Ayah.
Comparing was also done by Qamar Zehra. Some Parents and some Association members of ACELP were there.